Всё плохо
Никогда такого не было — и вот опять!
BBC сообщает в Фейсбук о массе фотографий в нем, содержащих детскую порнографию. Фейсбук обещает убрать, но проверка BBC показывает, что 80% картинок так и остались доступны - и снова жалуется в Фейсбук. Тут ФБ требует, чтобы им выслали картинки, о которых идет речь - а получив изображения, сообщает в полицию о рассылке детского порно.


2017-03-07 в 19:07 

Всё плохо
Никогда такого не было — и вот опять!
Так смешно, что процитирую оригинал:

The BBC specifically launched its investigation to test Facebook’s moderation procedures, after its 2016 investigation found the network was being used by groups of paedophiles to meet and exchange content. Of the 100 images reported by the BBC in its current investigation, using Facebook’s standard reporting tools, 18 were removed and the rest were found not to breach its terms.

Simon Milner, Facebook’s UK policy director, told WIRED in a statement: “We have carefully reviewed the content referred to us and have now removed all items that were illegal or against our standards. This content is no longer on our platform. We take this matter extremely seriously and we continue to improve our reporting and take-down measures. Facebook has been recognised as one of the best platforms on the internet for child safety.”

“It is against the law for anyone to distribute images of child exploitation. When the BBC sent us such images we followed our industry’s standard practice and reported them to CEOP. We also reported the child exploitation images that had been shared on our own platform. This matter is now in the hands of the authorities.”

Although the statement appears to suggest all 100 images have been removed, this is not, in fact, what it says. Milner says all items deemed illegal or against its standards have now been removed but fails to clarify whether it considered all 100 as falling into this category, just the 18 originally removed, or a figure somewhere in between. WIRED has sent two requests to Facebook for clarification on this matter, but not heard back. We have also asked the BBC if it can confirm whether all 100 images have been removed. WIRED has not seen the material, however, if Facebook has in fact removed all 100 pieces of content originally reported to it by the BBC team, it suggests the material was illegal or in breach of its terms and calls into question the quality of its moderation procedures.

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