Всё плохо
Никогда такого не было — и вот опять!
Durov's Channel, [10.10.17 23:53]

An epic Telegram update is coming today. Along with some cool new features such as Live Locations and the new Music Player, Telegram 4.4's UI supports many more languages that you’ve been asking us to add, namely French (I’m still excited that “stickers” are in fact “autocollants”), Indonesian, Malay, Russian, Ukrainian and – very soon – Persian.

As someone who majored in linguistics, I know there are thousands of small details that are easy to miss when you translate things into other languages.

That’s why we’re launching the Telegram Localization Platform today – it allows our users to suggest and vote for translations of phrases found in the Telegram UI. Unlike other apps, we can instantly push fixes for the localized versions of Telegram from the server-side, without forcing our users to update the whole app for a few changes in wording.

So if you’re unhappy about how a specific word in the Telegram UI was translated into your language, go ahead and suggest an alternative at translations.telegram.org. If the new version you suggested outvotes the currently applied one (and a Telegram admin approves it), your change will instantly go live for millions of users.


Добавили русский язык. ВП

2017-10-10 в 23:57 

Всё плохо
Никогда такого не было — и вот опять!
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